About me

I am a freelance Front-End Engineer and Web Developer, a firm supporter of open source software projects and innovative web technologies that bring you a richer user experience.

From Swiss machine industry to the web?

After working 5 years for the Swiss Machine Industry, I began building websites for friends during a web design course. At that time, I was programing automated machine tools, from CNC Milling Machines to Lathes. This was pre-Web 2.0, but after the Dot-com bubble. My client list slowly grew and I became self-employed. By 2003 I fully dived into Web Development.

Graphic & Web Design

With my focus mostly on Front-End development HTML/CSS/JS (everything that happens in the web browser), I enjoy working with skilled Graphic Designers. Every challenge and project is an opportunity to adapt new technologies. 


It gets really exciting, working as freelancer with different creative agencies and companies. The projects usually bigger and I meet wide range of diverse skilled people.